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AXIS 1.0 – A Sound-Image-Sculpture for Dortmund

14 – 18  and 20 – 22  June 2019 from 22:30 hours on the suqare of Amiens in Dortmund, Germany

AXIS 1.0 – Eine Klangbild Skulptur für Dortmund

14.-18. und 20.-22. Juni 2019 ab 22:30 Uhr auf dem Platz von Amiens in Dortmund

The media installation AXIS 1.0 brings art to life in public space and presents a museum in a completely new way. Photographs and audio recordings from the Dortmund Museum of Art and Cultural History and its surroundings interweave through a special compositional technique to create an expressive sound image of the city and its museum.

With the use of innovative projection and sound technology, the museum overcomes its walls, radiates into the public space and at the same time connects with the adjacent stations of the still imaginary art and culture mile of Dortmund.


AXIS 1.0 is projected onto the „CHIP“ sculpture by the Düsseldorf artist Stefan Sous with bright beamers. A 360-degree sound system is placed under the CHIP. In this way, the black „stone“ of metal is brought to shine and sound. The digital sound image AXIS 1.0 enters into an exciting dialogue with the analogue sound body CHIP, shifts existing art into a completely new light and makes it tangible in a new way.

On show is a Liquid Image, a constantly changing composition of flowing photographs, created in the Museum of Art and Cultural History and its immediate surroundings. You can hear sound recordings from Dortmund’s streets, which were arranged with electronic sound compositions to a soundtrack. Image and sound interweave into an expressive sound image of the city and its museum.

The 30-minute performance starts at 22:30, 23:00 and 23:30 hours. The access is free for everyone.



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Photos in the slider: Annette Liese